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On the Move again


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Long before our lease contract became due, the landlord sent me a message: "We are not ready to renew the leasing contract when it expires. You have to look for another house elsewhere."


It is very upsetting to receive such a message, and what's more, the message is presented in such an impolite way. But she is the owner of the house and can do whatever she wants unless it is in accordance with the law.


Last Sunday she and her husband came here with a man, talking about upholstery. She said that if I moved out before the contract expired, she would give back the money for the over-paid period.


Living in a big city has its own pitfalls, a major one among which is housing problems. You will never know where you will move to in half a year. But it is a good aspect, too, as you are free to move anywhere, close to the place where you work so that you spend less time to and from work, or far away from it in order to leave everything behind and enjoy real life.


It is said that rent has been increased by about 30-40% percent in the past few months in Shanghai. I will check it out in the real estate agents tomorrow, and make a decision which area I will move.

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