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New Job


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"You should also finish the Server Administration Guide by the end of this week."


"And you have to keep in mind who your target audience is, because you will train them in server administration and maintenance."

"But it is difficult for me at the moment."

"Then you have to learn," said the CTO (Chief Technology Officer), patting me on the back.


A year ago, if someone told me that I would go abroad and train the foreign engineers in server-related stuff, I would have thought it was a big joke. But yes, it is true, and I have experienced a lot that my former classmates would not even have thought of. The only type of cat that I had heard about was the Persian cat, now I am working with tomcat.


I have been working for the new company for about two months, but I have not written anything about it. The reason is that I have very complex feelings towards this company.


My colleagues are very helpful and hard-working, and I am impressed by their diligence. One of the developers who writes the most complex programs often sometimes goes to the office at weekends, and he knows that he will not get paid for overtime. Although they complain about the CTO sometimes, they are content with what they do and what they get here.


And there is a ping pong table in the office, therefore we can play after lunch and when we get off work, and at weekends if we want to.


Yesterday CTO had a talk with me. In our company, CTO plays a very import role, he has the final say in recruiting and firing an employee. Since I came, he has fired two employees, both of whom were given short, if any, notice. In a meeting CTO once said that a person cannot survive in a small company if he/she just wants to loaf around.


He asked me how I was getting along with my colleagues. Then he thanked me for making some suggestions to him. Some of them are very good, some are wrong, but he still welcomes my suggestions. Next, to my surprise, he said that I should take the leadership role in the Chinese team. Is it a hint for promotion? I guess not, but it is good that I have won his trust. I chuckled, as I call myself CCO (Chief Cuisine Officer) in the office, for I am the one who orders meals for team members every day. At last, he said that this position brought many good opportunities, as I have the chance of working with the world's leading mobile phone operators. I see, I don't have to worry about the possibility of getting sacked.


Anyway, I would go abroad, in the near future, to train foreign engineers! I am not alone, as I guess my project manager will go with me. He is a real technical guy and knows everything about servers. But I have to learn, if I cannot take up that challenge, at least it would be much easier for me to interpret for him if I really know something about the subject.

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