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Farewell, Netscape


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Recently I came across the news that the Netscape team has given up their work on the Netscape web browsers, and it turns out to be true. Please click here to view the details.


I have heard about the Netscape browser, but never used it, which is said to be very popular in 1990s. Anyway, they are giving up their efforts. I seldom used computer in the 1990s. When I started to use the computer and have the Internet access, the only web browsers I heard was Internet Explorer (5.0 at that time). Later, as my computer skills grew, I began to switch to browsers with IE kernel, such as Green Browser, MyIE, etc, until I got to know Firefox and Opera. At present, my first choice is Opera or Firefox, MyIE the second, IE7 the third.


A few days ago, I came across a post complaining about difficulties in making his website compatible with Firefox, which said that in order to make his website Firefox-supportable, he had to write much longer code. I don't know about the situation in other countries, but I guess in China, more than 80% of the users only user Internet Explorer, or browsers with IE kernel. Therefore, a lot of web pages cannot be displayed well when viewed with Firefox or Opera. It is a real pain that sometimes I have to use Internet Explorer to log into some site or to view the webpages. It is time that every web developer made the page cross-browser.


Farewell, Netscape! Good luck, Firefox, Opera, Safari!

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