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Need help with decrypting MedusaLocker (I have private/public keys in base64 format)

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I am writing to you today regarding a recent MedusaLocker attack on my personal computer on December [date] 2023.

Unfortunately, the attack resulted in the encryption of a significant number of my files.

However, during the incident, an unusual turn of events occurred. My laptop froze midway through the encryption process, causing the attacker to leave some files behind. Among these files, I was able to identify and run the encryption executable (within a controlled virtual machine environment, of course). This allowed me to extract the public key associated with the attack.

Furthermore, through an additional, unexpected development, I also managed to obtain the corresponding private key. While this presents a potential opportunity for decryption, there exists a hurdle: both the public and private keys are encoded in Base64 format, rather than the standard XML format with Exponent and Modulus components.

Recognizing the expertise and capabilities of your team in the field of ransomware decryption, I am reaching out with a proposal for collaboration. I am eager to share my unique experience and the acquired keys with your experts in the hope of finding a way to decrypt my files and potentially aid others affected by the same attacker or public key.

I understand the inherent challenges and complexities involved in this endeavor. However, I believe that combining my firsthand experience with your technical know-how could lead to a breakthrough. I am open to discussing various collaboration models that would mutually benefit both parties.

Thank you for considering my request. I am available at your convenience to discuss this further and provide any additional information you may require.

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I'd like to inform you that the helpers in this part of the forum are not employees of the company. You are interested in communication with employees, right?

If so, you'd better go to the official forum.

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