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Time of Your Life


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This is a training course in a foreign company, for which some of my friends work.


As I have not attended this training session myself, I can make some presumptions based on my friends' blogs.


What is 613200? It equals 365*24*70, which is the effective time of our life. Therefore, the aim of the course is to help the participants plan their life in an appropriate way.


This calculation is by no means precise, as 7-8 hours of sleep and an hour of meal time every day must be excluded from this effective time. And few people would be happy with the thought that their life would end on their 70th birthday.



A picture is used in this course. It shows a cycle: life begins with some long-cherished wish, therefore, we should plan and make activity list for this limited life of ours, and review the plan regularly.


It appears to me that this point is based on the belief in reincarnation. If there is no afterlife, there will be no such a cycle. And I do not belief in reincarnation. Of course, you can disagree with me, but without being disagreeable. :(


Life is finite, and for this reason it is very precious. Within the limited life of ours, we should make good use of our time, either to pursue success, or happiness, or both. Students in China are taught that they cannot waste a second, as time is money. I sometimes (not always) make plans for the next week to remind myself what I should do. But my plan is quite flexible and subject to a lot of changes. For example, I have planned to read three English essays on a Sunday afternoon, but it turns out that I am very sleepy and cannot concentrate. In that case, I might end up listening to some soothing music and watching some funny videos. It is not easy for us to be born and brought up, therefore, we should not treat ourselves too badly. If you can relax yourself and have fun by playing mahjong for half a day, then why not do it? My point that it is good to keep a balance between working towards serious things like the long-cherished wish and making yourself happy.



The course conductor then asks the course takers to share with others their long-cherished wishes and plans on how to realize them.


I don't know what my long-cherished wish is. If there is any, I want to become the happiest man in the world and I can teach others how to be happy, too. I see that many of my friends aren't happy. There are under too much pressure, from work, house, love, etc.


Such kind of wish unnecessarily remains unchanged. When I was a senior high school student, my wish was to become the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China. But now I am very clear that it is not what I like to do, and I won't be happy with this wish. And I cannot become a professional translator or interpreter, as I don't like speaking for others. To be a technical writer is better. I am free to write the documents in a way that I think will make them more readable for the users


The course conductor also employs some case studies and asks the course takers to make agenda for some successful people.


This is something quite interesting and I have never done that before. I don't know what "successful people" means here, but I'd like to define "successful people" according to their ability of time management. To me, the most successful people are those who have a lot of important but not urgent things to do, while the least successful people have a lot of unimportant but urgent things to do.

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Not certainly 70 years, I guess, and not 24 hours, because we sleep at least 6-8 hours. :) So the time of our life is about 365*16*60(70,80,etc) plus 16*16(18,20,etc) for years consisting of 366 days :)


(sorta nerdy, I know, but still :) )


Not in the least. In fact, that's a more precise calculation. :)

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