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Well, it's summer again. And every year it's getting hotter and hotter. There are various ways to try to keep cool, some are strange, but actually work (like drinking a warm cup of tea). The forcast doesn't look well so i'm more or less pinned down at home trying to find stuff to do (which is harder then it looks)   For what remains to do i think a few words from Mungo Jerry can clear things up  

Lucian Bara

Lucian Bara


Well, i was over to a friend to 'fix' his pc so that he would be able to see movies. He had already prepared the software (or so he said). Ineed he downloaded "Ace mega codec pack", which IMO is a piece of ... . Why? It has n codecs for the same job. I can't understand why it's that popular as it causes more problems then it solves. (Examples: the clasic explorer.exe crash with movie files & thumbnail view, this one can be solved with a regedit entry) My personal favorites are and will be t

Lucian Bara

Lucian Bara

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