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sjoeii стал победителем дня 2 августа 2007

sjoeii имел наиболее популярный контент!



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    KL Fan Club Project Manager


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    52°18'51.59"N 4°56'32.13"O

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  1. Very nice skin again , Pipkin. I don't know that much about Russien soccer but the skin looks great. Maybe you could create this one for my local soccerteam once?
  2. Not sure if I'm posting this in the right section. If not please move to the right section. On behalf of the guys from the international forum who attended the trip, I would like to say thank you very much for making us feel very welcome last week. It was an interesting experience for everyone. I hope I'm not missing anyone but a special thanks goes to Ell, Kristy, Hinote, Panfil for organising the whole thing. A special thanks for Jeremy and Baz for translating things for us. And offcourse a special thanks to Eugene to make this all possible. But besides the people mentioned all
  3. First pictures. Very nice. Good to see. I will create a new thread for it on the international section as well.
  4. sjoeii


    very nice again, pipkin
  5. Может быть, это хорошая идея. особенно потому, что там будет большой группы из из России Thanks. will you be there?
  6. sjoeii


    Nice. I like this one
  7. Hi Guys, It looks like the internationals are joining in http://forum.kasperskyclub.com/index.php?s...amp;#entry45888
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