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  1. Living a life is just like washing a car in Moscow - seems like nonsense, but definitely worth doing - @cheresh - #TBT #vegas

  2. RT @TheTweetOfGod: "Scientology" is a combination of "scient-," meaning "science," and "-ology," meaning "science." And it just gets stupid…

  3. С планетой все в порядке. Это людям может настать п#здец! / The planet is fine. It's people who need saving #GoGreen

  4. RT @threatpost: FBI Pleads For #Crypto Subversion in Congressional Budget Hearing - https://t.co/iAPzj0Phs6

  5. I have to stay functional until my mission is complete. Then it doesn't matter. #BionicManDiary #Infosec #RT

  6. Ordered an "exotic fruits salad" at the airport. It turns out that the most exotic fruits today are... Apples. This is just sad! #wtfisthis

  7. Some say this is how Solar Eclipse looks from space station (pic). In reality it's not: http://t.co/5Xlu5Zgm1c http://t.co/QBVq6kdxwc

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