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  1. Спасибо, zell. То есть, это Всероссийский выставочный центр.
  2. Спасибо. Хорошие фотографии! У меня есть вопрос. Что это здание? http://lh4.ggpht.com/_WktsYwvs1n0/Sq2NfmdQ...40/DSCN1568.JPG http://lh6.ggpht.com/_WktsYwvs1n0/Sq2Nfzd1...40/DSCN1590.JPG Я пошел туда 27 августа. Это недалеко от станции метро ВДНХ.
  3. Я возвратился к Шанхаю этим днем. Я хочу благодарить организаторов этого празднования. Программа была рекрасной. Это будет незабываемым опытом в моей целой жизни. Jingtian из Китая
  4. Jingtian

    Heavy Snow

    Here are some funny snowmen:
  5. Jingtian

    My Favorite Russian Songs

    Yes, that's a very nice song, and I can sing it.
  6. Jingtian

    Heavy Snow

    Recently there have been heavy snow in my hometown. Here are some photos: Turtle in the road: Miss Snow White: Statue: Healthy people going to swim in the icy water: Plum blossoms (China's national flower) in full bloom in the snow: But I hope that the heavy snow will not last long, as it has caused severe problems for the traffic. A gas station in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei Province, collapsed, crushing a person to death and injuring another who were seeking shelter from the heavy snow: By the way, snow is a rarity in Shanghai. I have
  7. Jingtian

    Shanghai Metro

    Shanghai Metro 7 metro lines have been put to operation in Shanghai, plus a maglev line, connecting the suburbs with the center of the city. I like traveling by metro. One of the major reasons is that it is punctual, unless there is a breakdown of the train, which can be fixed within a few minutes or a dozen minutes. But be sure not to get up too late, the trains run at longer intervals in off hours. Another reason is that whatever is outside, be it pouring rain or scorching sun, it is comparatively cozy inside the metro. Sometimes I also take a bus home, but if there is heavy
  8. Jingtian

    Happy New Year

    I hope that you daughter will get well soon. Good luck in the new year!
  9. Jingtian

    Farewell, Netscape

    Recently I came across the news that the Netscape team has given up their work on the Netscape web browsers, and it turns out to be true. Please click here to view the details. I have heard about the Netscape browser, but never used it, which is said to be very popular in 1990s. Anyway, they are giving up their efforts. I seldom used computer in the 1990s. When I started to use the computer and have the Internet access, the only web browsers I heard was Internet Explorer (5.0 at that time). Later, as my computer skills grew, I began to switch to browsers with IE kernel, such as Green Brows
  10. Jingtian

    New Year Resolution

    Thanks. On the one hand, I am seeking ways to get my work done more efficiently. On the other, I am looking for other jobs.
  11. Jingtian

    New Year Resolution

    1. Change my job 2. Secret 3. Improve my English / German / Russian skills 4. Master Adobe Framemaker and Microsoft Visio 5. Help one of my friends find a girlfriend 6. Further enhance my table tennis skills
  12. Jingtian

    The Person We Should Thank most in 2007

    It is indeed the holiday season now. As a tradition, we send and receive a large amount of short messages recently. Today I received such a message from an old friend of mine: The end of the year is drawing close. Who is the person that you should thank most in the year 2007? Who has given you a guide when you are at a loss? Who has ignited your life that would otherwise have been commonplace? Please do not blurt out my name. Be low-profile... Be low-profile... It is just a witty message and I could have ignored it. But isn't this a time that we reflect on our greatest achievements and
  13. Jingtian

    On the Move again

    Long before our lease contract became due, the landlord sent me a message: "We are not ready to renew the leasing contract when it expires. You have to look for another house elsewhere." It is very upsetting to receive such a message, and what's more, the message is presented in such an impolite way. But she is the owner of the house and can do whatever she wants unless it is in accordance with the law. Last Sunday she and her husband came here with a man, talking about upholstery. She said that if I moved out before the contract expired, she would give back the money for the over-pai
  14. Jingtian

    New Job

    "You should also finish the Server Administration Guide by the end of this week." "OK." "And you have to keep in mind who your target audience is, because you will train them in server administration and maintenance." "But it is difficult for me at the moment." "Then you have to learn," said the CTO (Chief Technology Officer), patting me on the back. A year ago, if someone told me that I would go abroad and train the foreign engineers in server-related stuff, I would have thought it was a big joke. But yes, it is true, and I have experienced a lot that my former classmates would not ev
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