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Написано sjoeii , 06 Январь 2008 · 338 Просмотров

Hi I'm back.
For a couple of days now I'm trying to get a good deal on a iPhone. I'm a real gadget freak.
I allready bought one on eBay last week but the guy just left will all his fake iPhones. Now I'm trying to buy one on our dutch version of ebay called marktplaats.
But they all want a big prize for it.
Maybe one of you know a good and safe place where I can buy?

I will keep looking......................... :)


Happy New Year

Написано sjoeii , 06 Январь 2008 · 396 Просмотров

I haven't been that active in the blog lately.
I simple don't have the time. Got a new Job, work over here for kaspersky is always busy, daughter was very ill.

But right now we got a new year! New rounds new chances!

So for now I say to everyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Let's enjoy Kaspersky to the fullest


Life is great

Написано sjoeii , 03 Январь 2008 · 357 Просмотров

Life is really great.
Started a new job two months ago. Is Business is going great. Still in Sales. Still in ICT.
Selling all kinds of stuff from different great vendors. Pitty Kaspersky isn't one of them.

Besides that KAV 8 Alpha has started. And I like it. Next generation it is indeed.
We'll see what happens next


My Life

Написано sjoeii , 31 Май 2007 · 370 Просмотров

Recently I started a new job at a company who provide services to Cisco and his partners.
My job is the Sales Manager. I really don't have any experience with Cisco so it is a bit difficult to learn. Part of that I'm very busy with a Sales plan for the company and the account managers. Well not complaining it really is a lot of fun.

This week I passed for my Cisco Sales Expert exam so that's in the pocket as well.

Now up for my first big deal.

Important appointment coming up tommorrow so who knows....................


First part

Написано sjoeii , 24 Май 2007 · 451 Просмотров

Hi All

This is my first story on the KL Fan Club forum. As a matter of fact my first story ever on a blog.
I'm from Amsterdam and I was born and raised here. I love living in Holland. Lot's of party and fun. I'm writing this and I really don't know what to say. What do people want to know from me?
That I live in Amsterdam? If I'm married or not? How old I am? Where do I work? Why Kaspersky?
Maybe everything but maybe nothing.

I'm from Holland. Do I put some Dutch over here? Maybe people want to know some Dutch words? I just wait and see.

Have fun all.

To Live and let Live

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